iPhone 11 Case
iPhone 11 Case
iPhone 11 Case
iPhone 11 Case

iPhone 11 Case

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Our sustainable iPhone 11 cases put the environment at the forefront, wrapping your phone in a protective housing that’s 100 percent compostable and biodegradable.

It’s made using a blend of sustainable materials, including bamboo fiber, a material extracted directly from the tall woody grass, which gives the case much of its strength and protective qualities. With a fully-biodegradable build, the case can decompose completely with no toxic residues, ensuring you’re leaving minimal environmental footprint. Suffice to say, if you care about sustainability, going with one of these cases is the smart way to go.

More importantly, our iPhone cases embrace eco-friendly function without compromising your phone’s protection. When secured inside the case, your phone gets an extra layer of shield from the nicks and scratches it would otherwise get from daily use, all while keeping dirt and smudges away.  It also adds a shock-absorbing layer that takes the brunt of the hit during accidental drops, greatly reducing impact on your phone to minimize any fall damage.

  • Sized to perfectly fit the iPhone 11 (6.1-inch Liquid Retina screen)wrapping around its all-aluminum edges and corners to offer protection on the front, back, and sides
  • Textured grip, so your phone stays in your hand the whole time
  • Guaranteed access to the phone’s dual rear cameras, front camera, buttons, ports, and speakers
  • No extra bulk, so your phone remains as slim as ever
  • High-quality composite biodegradable material
  • Keeps out dirt and dust
  • Four colors to choose from

 Keeps out dirt and dust

 Multiple lively colors to choose from